Pop Culture Guess Who

A game inspired by Guess Who that uses characters and celebrities students should know. Are you___? Do you like__? Do you play___? Can you___? are the key questions.

Give students the sheet with the questions and examples and go over them. Throw a few confirmation questions at them as you go to make sure they understand everything.

Using magnets, put the blank side of the papers with the celebrities on the board. I suggest putting a second piece of paper over that to ensure students can't guess who the example is from what they might be able to see through the a back of the paper or a stray breeze blowing the sheet up. Write the initials of the exmample on the back where you can see them to remind yourself of who is who.

Choose a student at random and have them ask a question from A. Choose who goes next however you like. After section D, invite the whole class to guess. Assume that singers can't play sports and that athletes don't make movies for the sake of simplicity.

I would also suggest a quick look at the Wikipedia page for each example if you don't know them. But I've already done that or knew who they were, so here are a few quick points.

For Hayao Miyazaki, you might want to give them a bonus hint like "His studio is has a theme park" or "He likes Totoro."

Naruto Uzumaki's favorite food is ramen. This is a well-known trait of the character.

LiSA sang a hit song for the "Demon Slayer" movie and her Wikipedia page says she plays the piano.

Ado sang a hit school for "One Piece: Film Red." Assume she and LiSA like their respective anime.

Once my students understood how things worked they had a great time, so I think it will go over well with other classes.

Please remember, as pop culture changes with time, check with your JTE to see if they think students would know these examples.

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