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5年 New Horizon - Unit 2 When is your birthday?

Hello everyone! Sharing you my Baamboozle Game. How to Play: Divide the class into teams and the class will take turns choosing questions. An in app scoring board is already included so you just have to click Okay if they got the correct answer (and correct pronunciation) and oops if not to add up their scores. You can customize the game to make it fit for your class and you can also add powers ups to make the game more exciting!!

This game targets the pronunciation of the words and practicing vocabularies.

Game Link:

If you ever use this in your class let me know how it went! 😊

Submitted by altmoe06 May 24, 2023 Estimated time: 10
  1. OdafromTaijima May 25, 2023

    Cute but considering you have specific teachers names as questions it makes it hard for others to use it.

  2. ChetBorneo May 25, 2023

    There is an edit button top left under Play Study etc. Can change the names that way I guess.

  3. altmoe06 May 26, 2023

    Yes thak you! I have updated the game to save everyone's time in editing it! :) @OdafromTaijima

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