How are you? Board Game

A simple board game with roulette wheel for students to practice different feelings in response to the question How are you?

I used this board game for my first lesson for Unit 2 in the Let`s try 1 textbook, however it will work for most grades who are practicing How are you? and feelings.

Students will roll a dice and count spaces. If they land on a How are you? space they must spin the feelings roulette wheel and answer Im~ with whatever the spinner lands on e.g. Im happy. If they land on +2 go forward 2 and if they land on -2 go back 2. For short games the first to finish is the winner and to make it last all lesson I change it to the person who passes the finish line the most times is the winner.

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    Submitted by Lorna662 May 24, 2023 Estimated time: 30 mins or can be used for the whole lesson

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