How's the weather? Board Game

How's the weather board game for Grade 4 elementary kids.

How to play:
1. Have students get into a group of 4.
2. Distribute one board game to each group.
2. For each group, use only one pencil.
3. Students do rock, paper, scissors and decide who goes first, second, third and fourth.
4. 3 members of the group will gonna ask the student who is holding the pencil with "How's the weather?"
5. The student holding the pencil will turn the pencil upside down at the middle of the board. When the tip of the pencil hits the emoji or words, that student will have to say "It's sunny. It's rainy," etc.
6. Encourage everyone to make gestures while asking a question or when answering.
7. Let everyone do the same to everyone.
8. Laminating this board game would be best.
9. Enjoy your class and feel free to make adjustments.

This is an enhanced version.

Submitted by TinaPotato May 24, 2023 Estimated time:
  1. Nisemono May 25, 2023

    this is nice! looks like you could also use this board in pairs and do a janken race.

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