New Horizon 6 (NH6) Unit 2 : Frequency + Activity

Battleships Game (Digital and Physical copy options) continued on from redshirt's post.

I made a digital and physical Battleships game worksheet option based on redshirt's "Find hungry cat: What do you usually do on Sunday?" activity posted here.

While the textbook just wants you to use "usually", I also included the other frequency words as well.

In terms of the digital sheet, use the first page and give two copies to student's on roiro note. Add the images of the cats to the first sheet so the students can freely move them around on roiro. The second sheet is for recording your guesses about where the other person's cats are.

The print version includes either A4 or A5 then a page of cats for them to cut out and move around on their page.

I suggest using redshirt's ppt before they start the activity so they understand how the Battleships game works.

Edit: Updated files to the final version.

Small files
  • Cat 2.PNG (256 KB)
  • Cat 3.PNG (199 KB)
  • Cat 1.PNG (221 KB)
  • A5 Cat Battleship.pdf (956 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • NH6 U2 Battleship Cat Print-Out.png (1.99 MB)
  • A4 Digital Cat Battleship.pdf (1 MB)
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