Pokemon Trainer! (How many ~ do you have?)

The students are pokemon trainers. They have to talk to their classmates using "How many ~ do you have?" to battle, get more Pokemon and evolve them! Flexible for other conversation activities too.

There is:
1) a powerpoint with instructions about the game (I have made versions for 1年 How many~ and 3年 Present Perfect/Continuous)
2) a handout (for students' reference)
3) the printable Pokemon cards (the small ones are level 1. The medium ones are the evolution, level 2. The large ones are the final evolution, level 3)

You will need to print many of the cards. There are a lot of cards per page because they're small, so if you print a few pages, you will have a lot. Also, you can print in black and white and you don't have to laminate them. I personally decided to color print them and laminate them to be used in the future.


-Everything you need to know about the game is on the powerpoint, really.

1) First, go through the rules on the powerpoint with the students. I got the 1年 dialogue from Pg. 34 of New Horizons 1. 3年 Can choose between two question types (Present Perfect & Present Perfect Continuous)

2) Basically, the students are Pokemon trainers. They'll all start out with 8 cards (you can change that number if you like). Which means a lot of cards are needed for this activity. Especially the level 1 cards, but they are very small so printing a few pages will give you a lot.

3) The goal is to evolve their Pokemon! They have to get a certain number of the same Pokemon to evolve it. In order to get more Pokemon, they have to talk to their classmates using "How many _______ do you have?" "I have _____." "Oh, can I have one?"

4) After asking "Oh, can I have one?" the other person can say "Yes" if they don't need that Pokemon, "Let's trade." if they want to make a trade, or "No." and they will have to battle for it!

5) How to battle: If the two players have the same level Pokemon, they will Janken once. The winner gets the Pokemon. If the player challenged an opponent for a 1 level higher Pokemon than their own, the higher level Pokemon trainer gets one more try at Janken if they lose. If they are 2 levels higher, they get two extra tries at Janken if they lose.

6) How to evolve: I will be at the front of the room with all the evolution cards. If the students have enough of one Pokemon, they will trade me the level 1 ones for their new evolved Pokemon.

7) If they run out of Pokemon: Their handout has three Pokemon icons on the bottom. That is how many free Pokemon center trips they have. If they run out of level 1 Pokemon, they will come to me and I will give them 8 more Pokemon. (Some kids used all their level 1 Pokemon to evolve, so they will need more level 1 Pokemon to keep playing.)

8) At the end, whoever has the most evolved Pokemon in the class wins! They will write a sentence about how many Pokemon they have from each level.

How to play with small/special support classes

-It is almost the same, but you can all sit together at a table, and you will have to tweek the number of cards a bit. When I played it, we each got 20 cards at first. You can change the required amount of Pokemon for evolution to x6 for level 2 and another x6 for level 3. For the Pokemon that evolve once, you can change it to x10. We went around in order and each student could ask the question to whoever they wanted. I allowed them to trade or ask for more than just one Pokemon, too. For example, "Oh, can I have one?" -> "Oh, can I have two?" They really enjoyed it!

-Other notes: The English Pokemon names will probably be too hard for them, so they can say the Japanese names. But the English is there if they want to try, plus it may be interesting for them to see the difference in the names.

-You can probably use this for other conversation activities as well!

1年 & 2年 "Do you have _____?" "I want to battle with you/trade with you."

"Could you give me your~?"
"May I have your ~?"

"I want you to (verb)" -> "I want you to battle with me/trade with me/give me your ~."
"Let me have/battle your ~."
"Tell me what Pokemon you have."
"I have been looking for ~."
"Have you caught ~ yet?"

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • level 1 - pokemon cards.docx (2.25 MB)
  • level 2 - pokemon cards.docx (3.77 MB)
  • level 3 - pokemon cards.docx (5.42 MB)
  • How many Pokemon do you have.pptx (6.62 MB)
  • 3年 Have you caught them all yet.pptx (6.62 MB)
  • 3年 Have you caught them all yet Handout.docx (1.37 MB)
  • How many Pokemon Handout.docx (1.35 MB)
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    Submitted by Celestar129 June 29, 2023 Estimated time: 30-50 minutes
    1. Rilakkuman June 29, 2023

      This is some quality material. Chef's kiss*

    2. Domdijock June 30, 2023

      This is so well made and would be perfect for my JHS First years / special ed classes! Thank you! :D

    3. Celestar129 June 30, 2023

      @Rilakkuman @Domdijock Thank you so much! I tried it for the first time today and the kids had so much fun!

    4. FullMetalAlba August 18, 2023

      For anyone else confused with the math for the printouts:
      level 3 printout x1, level 2 printout x2, level 1 printout x2 is best since it gives:
      4 of each level 3, 10 of each level 2, 33 of each level 1
      This allows the 4 -> 8 -> 32 setup you need for the game with a couple of extras

      Nice activity, thank you:)

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