Super Mario Sugoroku (semester review)

Themed Super Mario sugoroku game for reviewing units. Player that finishes with the most coins wins.

Upgraded version of my previous sugoroku games.
This particular set of questions was made for a 6th grade unit 1-3 semester review. Also contains questions for 5th grade. I'll include the original PPT file for anyone who wants to change them.
Some questions require the use of a small whiteboard + marker.
Board is B4 size. Cards should be printed on A4 and then cut.
3-6 players. Janken to determine order. Movement is done based on rolling dice or spinning a spinner.
Each ? block landed on allows players to take a Question Card (問題カード). If they get the question correct, they're able to draw a Mystery Card (ミステリーカード). These cards contain coins, the ability to skip forward a few spaces, etc. They also contain penalties such as missing a turn, losing coins, etc. There's even one card that does nothing at all. Some cards like fire flowers, one ups, etc. provide protection from penalties. After the card is used once, it's discarded.
Player to finish with the most coins is the winner. If you want you can also give bonus coins depending on what place a player finishes in.
For the sake of ease and cutting the prep (which is already a lot), I recommend having students record the coins manually.

Small files
  • Mario Sugoroku Cards.pdf (405 KB)
  • Mario Sugoroku Board.pdf (224 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Mario Sugoroku Cards PPT.pptx (1.96 MB)
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    Submitted by wanifan July 3, 2023 Estimated time: 25-45 minutes
    1. JCYokohama July 3, 2023

      Thank you for sharing! Just what I need for this week's review with ichinensei.

    2. Coffee123 July 5, 2023

      Love this! Thank you for sharing! Was looking for some review activities for my 6th graders and this looks great!

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