Students practice introducing themselves, or the teacher introduces themself.

  • Self Introduction Bingo

    Bingo...but with a lot of small talk!

  • Mashle & Satoshi Introduction

    Desk work: This is an A4 sized worksheet that you cut in half to save paper. The characters are Mashle and Satoshi from Pokemon (along with Pikachu). This was a hit with my 3rd graders.

  • Self-introduction

    Self-introduction template partially based on New Horizon 1 page 13.

  • Can You Bingo/Bongo?

    Designed to be done with Unit 1 Part 3 of the New Horizons 1 Textbook. It can be used with any book really for can you.

  • Who Are You? 1st grade JHS (Sunshine 1) Quiz Game

    This is a 'Who Are You?' hint-quiz game with 5 popular characters. The wording and text box is made in accordance with the JHS textbook 'sunshine 1'.

  • Who Am I? 6th grade Introduction Game (+Cards)

    Cards that can be used for a "Who Am I?" style guessing game, aimed towards 6th grade. Challenges students to use "I'm..." and "I can..." alongside the from/live in key sentences

  • Self Introduction (Japanese Script)

    Teachers room Self Introduction

  • Self-Introduction Meguri

    Students introduce themselves, collect signatures, and get points

  • Find Someone Who (Bingo Challenge)

    A first day of class ice breaker activity for students to get to know each other better.

  • Class Name Lanyards

    Elementary name tags to help with spelling their names (and reminding yourself of students/HRTs names)

  • Staff Room English for Elementary School

    A simple poster to encourage students to speak in English with the ALT when they are alone in the staff room.

  • English Board - School Staff/Teachers' Profiles

    Canva design link for making caricature-like Teachers' profiles, with Self-Introduction using easy English. Perfect for the start of the new school year, with new students, new teachers and staff.

  • Self Introduction Worksheet

    This is a self introduction worksheet for first year students. It’s SpongeBob themed.

  • Name Tags: Printable / Laminatable / Clippable

    These are name tags I used for all of my JHS students. Print them, write students names (or have them write them), laminate, and cut them and then use clips to attach to shirts or Japanese nametags.

  • 2 Truths and a Lie Handout

    Students make their own 2 truths and a lie using the handout, after playing with the ALT. This is a great way for the students to get to know their ALT and vice versa.

  • Letters to Santa

    Elementary school students tell Santa what they want for Christmas by writing letters.

  • Snowball of Friendship

    A game to get students practicing writing, reading, listening, and speaking. Minimal materials required.

  • 2 Truths, 1 Lie: JHS 1

    A classic game you can edit to practice many grammar points! Students write truths and lies about themselves and then tell each other 2 truths and 1 lie. The listener must guess the lie!

  • Basic Introduction

    A short PPT I made to help my special needs students practice a self-introduction. I made examples using popular characters all the students should know.

  • Like Rally 👍 (Speaking Act.)

    Perfect activity to practice any dialogue. Students walk around, find a classmate and practice the dialogue. Once they're done, they can receive a "Nice!" sticker from their partner.

  • Show and Tell

    Let's have a show and tell

  • Super Mario Sugoroku (semester review)

    Themed Super Mario sugoroku game for reviewing units. Player that finishes with the most coins wins.

  • Immigration Game

    Students use "How long have you. . . " to try and make it through immigration.

  • Can You Do It?

    Warm-up or warm-down activity for ES students

  • Hello. I like sushi.

    Simple self-intro worksheets for students in elementary or lower level JHS.

  • New Horizon 5 + 6 Snakes and Ladders slides cards

    Snakes and Ladders rules slideshow and cards that can be used for New Horizon 5 review and New Horizon 6 Unit 1.

  • Self-Intro Anime Version - I am...

    A short self-intro video clip of a few anime characters and a powerpoint presentation.

  • Self-Introduction Penpal Videos

    Students watch and exchange videos with foreign students!

  • Character Pic Cards "My name is" ES&NS

    Roaming game to practice "What's your name?" and "My name is ..." where the kids swap cards with eachother so they get a new character.

  • Like/Don't Like & Can/Can't Worksheet

    A simple worksheet for practicing using like/don't like and can/can't using Zoro from One Piece and Anya from Spy x Family.

  • New Horizon 1 Unit 0 Welcome to JHS

    Lesson and worksheet for the first graders

  • Self-Intro Prompt Posters (New Horizon)

    Posters to encourage students saying their self-intro.

  • Sentence Error Correction Worksheet - Doraemon

    Simple self intro sentence error correction with a Doraemon theme.

  • Self-Intro Namecards

    Learn your students names by having them create namecards. Designed for 5th/6th grade.

  • JHS Self-Intro Lesson and Sheet (New Horizon)

    Lesson and worksheet for JHS first graders to speak and write in their first English class.

  • ALT's Self-intro lesson - Guessing game (Updated)

    You can use this game as an additional activity for your self-introduction lesson.

  • Japan Family Visit Activity

    This April\May my family is visiting Japan and my school is allowing me to take my brother and dad to a day of classes! If you have family visiting, feel free to use this activity too!

  • Cupid's Messenger 📣❤️ (Telephone Game)

    It's pretty much telephone Game/Chinese Whispers with a Valentine's Day theme (+ MapleStory Characters!) Little to no prep required and can be played when asked to do something last minute

  • 6th Grade New Horizon Jeopardy

    End-of-term Jeopardy review

  • Since/For/Ago - Bingo and Powerpoint explaination

    Adapted from another bingo game from ALTopedia, this game includes an explaination of since for and ago, plus a warm up

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