Students practice introducing themselves, or the teacher introduces themself.

  • Snowball of Friendship

    A game to get students practicing writing, reading, listening, and speaking. Minimal materials required.

  • 2 Truths, 1 Lie: JHS 1

    A classic game you can edit to practice many grammar points! Students write truths and lies about themselves and then tell each other 2 truths and 1 lie. The listener must guess the lie!

  • Basic Introduction

    A short PPT I made to help my special needs students practice a self-introduction. I made examples using popular characters all the students should know.

  • Like Rally 👍 (Speaking Act.)

    Perfect activity to practice any dialogue. Students walk around, find a classmate and practice the dialogue. Once they're done, they can receive a "Nice!" sticker from their partner.

  • Show and Tell

    Let's have a show and tell

  • Super Mario Sugoroku (semester review)

    Themed Super Mario sugoroku game for reviewing units. Player that finishes with the most coins wins.

  • Immigration Game

    Students use "How long have you. . . " to try and make it through immigration.

  • Can You Do It?

    Warm-up or warm-down activity for ES students

  • Hello. I like sushi.

    Simple self-intro worksheets for students in elementary or lower level JHS.

  • New Horizon 5 + 6 Snakes and Ladders ppt and cards

    Snakes and Ladders rules ppt and cards that can be used for New Horizon 5 review and New Horizon 6 Unit 1.

  • Self-Intro Anime Version - I am...

    A short self-intro video clip of a few anime characters.

  • Self-Introduction Penpal Videos

    Students watch and exchange videos with foreign students!

  • Character Pic Cards "My name is" ES&NS

    Roaming game to practice "What's your name?" and "My name is ..." where the kids swap cards with eachother so they get a new character.

  • Like/Don't Like & Can/Can't Worksheet

    A simple worksheet for practicing using like/don't like and can/can't using Zoro from One Piece and Anya from Spy x Family.

  • New Horizon 1 Unit 0 Welcome to JHS

    Lesson and worksheet for the first graders

  • Self-Intro Prompt Posters (New Horizon)

    Posters to encourage students saying their self-intro.

  • Sentence Error Correction Worksheet - Doraemon

    Simple self intro sentence error correction with a Doraemon theme.

  • Self-Intro Namecards

    Learn your students names by having them create namecards. Designed for 5th/6th grade.

  • JHS Self-Intro Lesson and Sheet (New Horizon)

    Lesson and worksheet for JHS first graders to speak and write in their first English class.

  • Guessing game for first graders or Special Needs

    You can use this game as an additional activity for your self-introduction lesson.

  • Japan Family Visit Activity

    This April\May my family is visiting Japan and my school is allowing me to take my brother and dad to a day of classes! If you have family visiting, feel free to use this activity too!

  • Cupid's Messenger 📣❤️ (Telephone Game)

    It's pretty much telephone Game/Chinese Whispers with a Valentine's Day theme (+ MapleStory Characters!) Little to no prep required and can be played when asked to do something last minute

  • 6th Grade New Horizon Jeopardy

    End-of-term Jeopardy review

  • Since/For/Ago - Bingo and Powerpoint explaination

    Adapted from another bingo game from ALTopedia, this game includes an explaination of since for and ago, plus a warm up

  • Self introduction for 4th grade

    A worksheet activity that is good for a year end review. You can revise it to what you want for your student to practice. As for this WS, I include the country of origin, colors and what they have.

  • About You! Worksheet

    This is a template worksheet for creating an All About Me poster for grade 1 PG.54.

  • New Horizon 5 & 6 Unit 1 Writing Practice

    These worksheets are for 5th and 6th graders to practice writing and will serve as their script for their presentations by the end of Unit 1.

  • ES Self-Intro Poster

    Poster idea for new ALTs in elementary school.

  • Self-Intro: Team Quiz Format

    Self-introduction with JHS or HS students asking the ALT questions.

  • Name Card and Sticker Card

    This functions as both a name card and a sticker card!

  • Self Introduction Activity

    A fun worksheet that students can fill out on their first day of class with you. Helps you get to know each student as well.

  • I'm Scared Of...

    Halloween-themed ghost template for students to draw/write their fears

  • Snakes and Ladders

    Review of 1st semester for elementary students

  • Powerpoint Warm Up for all levels

    Powerpoint warm up to get class started. Greetings, weather, date, and conversation samples.

  • Snakes and Ladders

    A3 Snakes and Ladders board with card sections for use as a review activity.

  • Introductions Poster

    English board materials

  • They/them as singular pronouns

    A simple introduction via PowerPoint to show several ways in which we use "they" and "them".

  • Staff Room English

    This is for students to use when they come to the staff room and you're the only teacher in there.

  • Introductory Name card

    Name card helpful for students and teachers as well

  • Daytona

    Students race to see how fast they can introduce themselves to each other.

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