Halloween Jack-O-Lantern story - Reading Practice

Solo reading practice based on the origins of the Jack-O-Lantern. Ending with students making their own unique Jack-O-Lantern drawing and explanation.

Lesson flow

  1. Review what a Jack-O-Lantern is with students. And ask the warm up questions in the powerpoint. Assuming the students don't know WHY JoLs are made, segue into the story.

  2. Give students the handout.

  3. Start with vocab. Give students about 8-10 min to look up and match the words.

  4. Review answers.

  5. Preview reading comprehension questions.

  6. Have students read through the story on their own briefly. You can also ask them to take their best guess at the reading questions.

  7. Read the story as you go through the slides. Students should see the slides as an aid for their comprehension of the story.

  8. Give them a few minutes to answer the questions. After, they can check with a partner.

  9. Review the answers.

  10. Review the use of the apostrophe when omitting letters. (eg cannot -> can't, should not -> shouldn't, would have -> would've)

  11. Students then make their own Jack-O-Lantern and write about it. My example was a pumpkin with a pirate hat and eyepatch, named Captian Halloween, who steals candy from trick or treaters.

  12. Have students present their pumpkins or share with a partner.

Small files
  • Stingy Jack Handout MAZ.docx (479 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • The story of Stingy Jack MAZ.pptx (20.3 MB)
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