'Whose, Mine, Yours' Halloween Activities

A cute Halloween themed PowerPoint with a quiz, animated story, and activity to practice possessives.

The character quiz is a Halloweenified, edited down version of kcmajesty's quiz. The rest of the powerpoint is my original content.


Start the class off with the 'Whose ~ is it?' character quiz. I like to have the students repeat the question before showing the item. Then repeat the answer, as well.


After the quiz is a short animated story to introduce the concept of 'yours' and 'mine.' I made this little story as an introduction to these possessive words, so it's very simple.
I have the students repeat the dialogue, and ask if they can understand the meaning.
1) Almost all of the animations are timed, so you only have to click next after Pumpkin Jack asks a question ("Whose candy is this?" and "Is this yours?") and after the answer from the other characters.
2) On slide 15, the witch's answer is timed, so you don't need to click after Jack's question, just when you're ready to end the slide.


-Students will choose one Halloween character to draw. I provided 4 examples, but if students want to draw a different character, I think that's fine.
-Give them 3 minutes to draw on the provided drawing cards (attached Word document) or any scrap paper. Be sure to emphasize NO NAME. We want these drawings to be anonymous.
-After the three minutes is up, collect the drawings.
-Mix up the papers and pass them out randomly.
-Practice the target language once more: 'Is this yours?' 'No, it's not.' 'Yes, it's mine!' I leave the target language up on the PowerPoint for the students to reference.
-The students will then stand up, and walk around asking their classmates 'Is this yours?' until they find the owner of the drawing.
-After they've found the owner of the drawing, they can sit down and work on something else (I'll be handing out a Halloween Word Search by ronjacob5258)

Suggestion: My classes are divided up into 6 groups, so I take groups 1, 2, 3's papers and mix them together and hand them out to groups 4,5,6 and vice versa. This way there's no chance they get their own drawing or one of their group members' drawings.

Small files
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  • Whose is it - Halloween activities.pptx (8 MB)
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    Submitted by ohnoko October 25, 2023 Estimated time: 15-25 minutes if you use all three activities
    1. 3015045 October 25, 2023

      This is great Thanks!!!!

    2. HeyItsMori October 26, 2023

      Awesome activity! We just finished teaching "Whose" and this would be perfect for a warm-up! Thanks!

    3. mmejiap October 30, 2023

      This is actually so cute! Thank you!!

    4. DefiningLight November 7, 2023

      Amazing activity. Really well done. Good job!

    5. ohnoko November 7, 2023

      Wow, thanks all for the kind words! Hope the activity is useful for you ^^

    6. SHANEoo December 5, 2023

      This is a great activity. It allows for a lot of speaking and is quite adaptable. I changed the characters since it's almost winter time.

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