Possessive form

That is Pierre's coat.

  • Helping Santa (Whose ___ is this?)

    Students will practice "Whose ___ is this?" with random presents for characters

  • 'Whose, Mine, Yours' Halloween Activities

    A cute Halloween themed PowerPoint with a quiz, animated story, and activity to practice possessives.

  • Halloween Family in Costume + Crossword

    2 activities based off of the family words found in HWG 1 Unit 6. Requires cutting and pasting. And some mental gymnastics.

  • Country Riddles: Who am I?

    A worksheet where students guess which country is being described based on short riddles, word bank included.

  • Whose ~? Quiz Character Edition

    This is a powerpoint presentation to practice the key sentence 30 from New Horizon English Course 1 page 72

  • Whose-Which Quizzes

    Two connected quizzes meant for practicing Whose and Which Possessive Questions.

  • Marvel Wipe Out

    A race and speak Powerpoint Game for groups

  • Whose is it? Detective puzzle

    Students use the process of elimination to see which item belongs to which person.

  • Whose hat is this? Powerpoint Warm up Game.

    Warm-up Powerpoint where students try to answer the question "Whose hat is this?" "It's ~'s hat" using familiar characters.

  • Classroom Randomiser (Whose)

    Spreadsheet program (with nice GUI) that selects four students by number (出席番号).

  • Whose is it? - board game

    A fun board game where students practice all the possessives in groups or pairs.

  • Election USA

    A variation on Battle for Japan

  • Whose ~ is it?

    Students listen to the ALT and JTE's conversation using possessive grammar and write what they heard.

  • Where's The Pickle?

    A fun activity based on the Christmas tradition of finding the pickle ornament on the Christmas tree.

  • Character's Clothes

    Students see a small part of a character (a piece of clothing or body part). They guess which character the clothing/body part belongs to.

  • My Country Tis Of Thee

    Students make their own country while practicing possessives.

  • Your Monkey?

    In this game, students secretly draw pictures on cards and try to guess the artist of each card. Students learn to understand, ask, and respond to simple questions of ownership/possession.

  • Whose Is It?

    A fun board game where students practice all the possessives in groups or pairs.

  • Whose hat is this?

    A powerpoint quiz to practice possessive pronouns

  • Whose classroom item is this?

    Students practice "whose" by mixing up their classroom possessions and trying to find the original owner.

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