Alphabet lottery

Simliar to Bingo. Students choose nine letters, choose a shape to write the letter. If that letter is called out, the student scores the amount of points allotted to that shape.

I created this in case my students were getting bored of bingo, but I still want them to practice writing letters neatly and hearing them.
There are nine places to write nine letters. Students can choose which letters they want to write. Each place is allotted a set of points.

The teacher will call out letters (similar to Bingo) and students will circle the letter if they wrote it down. The teacher can choose how many letters to call out. I recommend 10, but feel free to go higher (or lower).

At the end, students count up their scores. I think this is a good way to practice numbers in the hundreds as well. I have students stand up, I count up in 10s, and when I go over their score, the student sits down. When I have around three students left, I ask what their score was.

Feel free to make changes. Add more spaces, take them away. Change the scores.

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    Submitted by redshirt November 2, 2023 Estimated time: 5 minutes
    1. murasakimochi November 9, 2023

      Oh, hitting two birds with one stone! (alphabet and place value)
      This will be perfect for my 5th graders. We're starting Unit 6 What Would You Like next week. Thanks a bunch!

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