Friendly Alphabets Digital Version

This activity is for Let's Try 1 Unit 6, page 24. No cutting of cards, more time to interact and enjoy.

The activity's success depends on your uchiawase with your JTE/HRT and good demonstration skills.
I don't like wasting time cutting small cards during my lessons so, thanks to Kumamote BoE for their Tablet Activities.


  • There are tons of tablet activities here that you can use for different lessons.

For this activity I used the Year 3 - Let's Try 1 ALPHABETS

Goal: This activity aims to familiarize the students with alphabets and use their thinking skills to identify the similarities and differences of alphabets.

  • Do the activity on your own. Unless you try to do it, you won't know how fun this can be.
  • (uchiawase) Do it with your HRT. Do, don't explain. Be ready with your own "Nakama alphabets" and the reason you made it into groups.
    • example, all the alphabets in the book (p. 24) are letters that uses straight lines.
    • C O G Q are round alphabets.
  • Once the HRT gets it, it will be easier for the demo during class.

Use the QR code activity for the demonstration. (make sure to identify that ONLY BIG LETTERS will be used for the activity)

Sample demo script

ALT: Hello, Ms. __________. These are my friendly alphabets.
C O G Q.
Why are they friends?

HRT: (pretends to think) Oh, they are round. (gesturing a circle)

ALT: yes, that's right!

Now, it's the HRTs turn to quiz.

  1. Student pair talk and elicit answers, make sure they understood the activity.

  2. Ask the Ss to make their own "friendly alphabets." Give them 3-5 mins. They can make 2 or more sets if they still have time.
    Tell the students to SCREEN SHOT their activity.

  3. Using the Screen shot file, it's quiz time! (do this in pairs, seat mate first and 2 more friends)

  4. Ask a Ss to volunteer as the quiz master in front.
    (if screen mirroring is possible, this will make the activity more fun and engaging.)
    Note: make sure to tell the students to close their tablets so everyone can focus on the quiz.

I enjoyed this activity and surprised at the ideas I got from my students.

ex. CJKOPSUVWXZ - these uppercase letters when written in lowercase still looks the same.
CJLOPSUVWZ - these can be written without lifting up a pen
MWV - all letters have letter V or triangle shaped

this is the brightest answer I got:

R B P E F Q O Y W V - nobody got the answer and we are blown away when we heard the answer. I leave it to you to now to know the answer for yourself. :')

Submitted by okayer November 10, 2023 Estimated time: 10-15 mins
  1. VinShida November 13, 2023

    Awww, I can't figure out the answer to the last example... When can we get the answer? (o.O;)

  2. jason November 13, 2023

    These Kumamoto tablet resources are great! I hadn't seen them before, I'm gonna use the on-in-under-by room one this week.

    Is the last one that they can be made by adding a line to an existing letter, with the exception of P, F, O, and V that act as the starting shape?

  3. ALTresource November 13, 2023

    That might be it.

  4. Rbsb19 November 14, 2023

    This is really great, thanks a lot!

  5. GinaG November 24, 2023

    While I challenged my students to write instead of use the digital activity, I'm so glad I saw this instead of dealing with cutting out cards!

    My favorite set made was: W Y U H X V N M

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