Alphabet Challenge

A no prep lower case/upper case letter quiz matching game played on tablets!

This is a web app I developed to give my students extra practice with learning lower case letters. The students can play it on their tablets and access it at any time. For my classes, I showed a QR code for the students to scan to get onto the game quickly, and I've put it in the attachments. Alternatively, you can use this link:

The activity is a quiz-style game. A lower case letter will appear on the screen, and the students have to choose its upper case pair from the options. All lower case letters will appear once, and then the game will end on a "try again?" screen.

There is also an easy mode and a hard mode. In easy mode, there are two options for the students to choose from, and in hard mode, there are four. To demonstrate the game, I showed easy mode on the TV and did a few questions together with the whole class before letting them try it on their own and choose the difficulty freely.

Please let me know if there are any bugs/issues with the app, and I will try to fix them!

Submitted by FrostiiMaple November 14, 2023 Estimated time: ~10 minutes
  1. ChetBorneo November 15, 2023

    I get a 404 error

  2. Matthew November 15, 2023

    Cool idea looking forward to trying it out. However the QR code and link are returning a 404 so something is maybe broken?

  3. FrostiiMaple November 15, 2023

    @Matthew @ChetBorneo My bad! That was because I had to change the URL, but the QR code and URL in the activity should be updated now!

  4. Furachan November 16, 2023

    This looks great! Well done!

  5. KobeALT November 17, 2023

    Nice! Let's hope it isn't block on the kiddy computers.

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