Japanese and English Title Classmate Quiz!

Students will talk about their favorite anime, TV show/drama, or movie (+more) and quiz their classmates on the English name!


* Worksheet
* Tablets

I start by introducing the topic to my students and handing out the worksheets so they have an idea of why we are discussing the topic and where it will lead.
I say something to the effect of "Today we are talking about the Japanese and English names of your favorite anime, TV shows, dramas, or movies. In Japanese, they have one name, and in English, the name may be very different!"


First, I tell them not to worry about the English name and to just focus on writing down their favorite 何々 in Japanese. They don't need to have a favorite for all the categories, and I left a row blank for their own ideas, like manga/books, video games, etc. They only really need at least one example.
After ~5-10 minutes of thinking and writing their favorites, I introduce the second part of the lesson.


I basically just read the second portion of the worksheet as is, but ultimately I just explain that we will be researching the English names of our favorites, then coming up with two made-up English names to quiz their classmates. I gave the example of 鬼滅の刃 which was very easy for them, even when they weren't paying attention to the fact the answer is on the worksheet lol. I still made an example of writing each English name on the board and asking them which one they thought was the real English name, as this will be exactly what they are doing for their classmates at the end of the lesson.


This is where they should be utilizing their tablets to write the English names. Some students may already know the English names and have started writing, but they should verify with research. In my experience, I had a lot of students just pop the Japanese name into Google Translate instead of researching, so I made sure to explain that the English name is sometimes very different from the direct translation, and they should try to Google the title, not just translate it.
(When given the time, I sometimes used to example of 千と千尋の神隠し and Spirited Away as an example of how some titles are similar, but not an exact translation.)


Once they find the English name, they will choose one of their favorites to write two other fake/made-up English names and quiz their classmates. I usually go around the class and advise students as much as possible on which one is the best option with making up English names, and giving some suggestions on synonyms they can use. (For example, I've had a lot of students put things like 'Doraemon' and 'Anpanman' which they sometimes can come up with alternative names for, but most students already know they are the same in both Japanese and English, so I recommend they choose something else.)


Finally! I call up each student to present their "two lies and one truth" type quiz about the English titles. At the top of the board, they write the Japanese name. Then, I encourage them to 'mix up' their English titles, otherwise everyone's real English title will be number one. After they've written each title, I point to each title and have the students pronounce their English titles. Then, we ask the class which one they think is right by a show of hands.

Optional, but you can reward correct guesses/the presenter if they can fool their classmates.

Pretty simple but students get a kick out of fooling their classmates. :)

Submitted by autumnhardesty November 18, 2023 Estimated time: One class (50 minutes)

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