American Money Presentation

A short presentation aimed at 5-6年生 discussing American currency and prices

Presentations aren't my forte but my JTE requested this and I thought I'd share it here in case anyone finds it useful. She requested this at the end of a unit where we discussed prices of food at restaurants and grocery stores so the content is aimed in that direction. Could be a good jumping off point for your own presentation about currency in your country!


  • Slide 2 is just a quick warm-up question about the kind of money used in the US. I also ask if students know where the other two listed currencies are from.

  • Slides 3 and 4 introduce dollars and cents via the price of a can of coke. I explain and show on the slide that dollars are on one side of the decimal point and cents are on the other. The clipart on slide 4 shows the kind of bills and coins you can use to pay for the coke. I also explain that 100 cents = $1

  • Slides 5 and 6 show the different types of American coins and bills. I have students practice saying dollars, cents, and total prices. On slide 5 I explain that 1 cent is about the same as 1 yen--at this point I'll go back to slide 3 and ask students how much the coke costs in yen.

  • Slides 7-9 are a counting challenge showing different combinations of bills and coins. Students have to say the total price.

  • Slide 10 shows real photos of American currency, obviously if you have any physical currency to bring in that would be great!

  • Slides 11-15 are essentially a guessing game about the prices of common Japanese dishes in the US. I used prices from my favorite Japanese restaurant back home as well as Ichiran, but I'm from a big city so the prices might be kind of inflated.

  • Slides 16-20 show prices from American supermarket brochures. The goal with these slides is mostly just to practice saying food vocabulary and prices again, and shock the kids with how expensive things are in the US haha.


  • I wrote a rough outline of my speech in the notes of each slide as a kind of information flow guide.

  • My biggest struggle with this presentation was keeping all of the English at an elementary level, so the information is pretty simplified. If you want to use this for older grades (or your kids are super advanced lol) I'd definitely spice things up more!

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    Submitted by mssamansa November 20, 2023 Estimated time: 20-25min
    1. RisingSunIntrovert November 21, 2023

      Great presentation! Great timing as well because I reached a point in the textbook where students guess the prices of things. I also wanted to let you know that you made a mistake on slide 9. You have $12.70 shown but your answer has $11.70.

    2. mssamansa November 21, 2023

      @RisingSunIntrovert ah thank you for noticing! I'll upload the correction shortly

    3. ChibiGojira November 21, 2023

      All the stuff in your supermarket brochures is much cheaper than the equivalent in Japan. They must be surprised!

    4. mssamansa November 22, 2023

      @ChibiGojira Yeah I had trouble finding things that reflect current prices in America, maybe I'll get someone back home to send me photos lol

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