Shopping and Dining

Activity involves the students practicing buying or selling things.

Many textbooks will have students practice buying something from a store or ordering food at a restaurant. This can be useful for students to practice if they travel to an English-speaking country.

Putting students in the role of both the customer and the seller can be a good way to reinforce the different patterns.

  • ALTPAY (Digital Money) any grade

    A simple digital wallet to be use in any shopping game.

  • Ordering Food

    Practice ordering food in pairs

  • ES 6th Gr Jinsei Game for the end of the Year

    It is for ES 6th graders. the design is ugly for two reasons, I am not a designer at all and I don t have that much time to make it.

  • Ordering Ninja Hunt

    Students try to guess the location of their partner's ninjas by ordering food and drink.

  • New Horizon 2 - Let's Talk 4

    Simple work sheets for LT4.

  • Shopping Practice

    Specifically made for NH2 Let’s Talk page 93

  • How much is it? : THE PRICE IS RIGHT game

    Here we go 5 Unit 7, the price is right game. The food listed in this game are vocabularies they learnt in the unit plus the store where the food is bought or famous for. Prices are as of 2023.

  • Food Hunt

    Pair speaking activity that practices restaurant dialogue specific to Here We Go 1.

  • Shopping Go Fish

    Card game where students use shopping phrases to collect cards.

  • SHOPPING (Shall I...?) - NH2 P93 JHS

    Dialogue worksheet that can be used to roleplay a shopping scene. Target language - "Shall I show you a bigger one?"

  • Best Online Link:Make a Parfait/Pizza !

    online link that's compatible to students'/teachers' tablets no prep needed! just send the link to your HRT and they will set it up on LoiloNote. easy to use and has many customization buttons

  • Let's Go to the Pokémon Café!

    Ordering at a restaurant speaking practice, with a fun Pokemon theme! Intended for Here We Go! JHS grade 1, Daily Life 3 (pg. 95).

  • Strange Restaurant

    A spin on the common restaurant activity where students practice ordering from a menu

  • Prices in Yen -Here we go 5 - Unit 7

    40 Powerpoint slides with different prices in Yen to practice from 99 yen up to 2,000 yen. Very simple, just the slides to use for Unit 7 (Here we go 5 nensei). Good for warm up or just reviewing.

  • American Money Presentation

    A short presentation aimed at 5-6年生 discussing American currency and prices

  • Ordering at a Restaurant_Speaking Practice

    Specific to practicing the One World JHS 1年生 Lesson 6 Useful Expressions_Shopping p.85 Ordering at a Restaurant Role Play Mechanics and Materials

  • Clothes Shopping - Speaking Activity

    Specific to practicing the One World JHS 2年生 Lesson 6 Useful Expressions_Shopping p.75 Shopping Role Play Mechanics and Materials

  • Picture Dictionary Food&Money cards for Cafe Shop

    Cards to use for students to run a cafe. Junior Horizon 5th grade.

  • The Ninja Saviors Card Game

    This game can be used for multiple grammar points in different grades. This game can be used for teaching units of measurement.

  • Shopping for Fruit with Doraemon

    Simple shopping game to practice fruit names, please, and small numbers.

  • Ordering at a restaurant

    This is an activity to practice ordering at a Philippine restaurant.

  • Various themed BINGO cards

    Bingo cards for special needs classes

  • Food Stalls Roleplay

    This activity allows students to practice transactional English in a free-form roleplay.

  • Authentic Menu Boards

    A collection of fast food menu boards from countries using dollars and cents.

  • Sales Pitch

    This activity allowed students to be able to create a sales pitch with random objects.

  • Let's order some food!

    Students are put in groups and either have to pretend to be servers in a restaurant or customers and go to other groups to try order food.

  • Ordering at a restaurant

    Let's talk 4, New Horizon 1. Page 116

  • "How much . . .?" Games

    A couple games using pictures of food and prices from Junior Sunshine 5.

  • What would you like mystery box game.

    I made this PPT for New Horizon 5 Unit 6. It's almost the same with typhoon game but instead of typhoon, they could get a mystery box that they could keep or give.

  • Useful expressions: at a restaurant

    A simple roleplaying activity to page 85 of the One World 1 textbook.

  • Shopping Conversation Cards

    Some cards with a mix of clothing, sizes and prices made for JHS New Horizons 2.

  • Shopping at Zara

    This activity allows students to talk about shopping and practice a conversation between a Store Clerk and Customer.

  • Spy X Family What would you like? Game

    Students guess which each character would like using the phrase 'I would like ~~.' in response to the teacher or whole class asking 'What would you like?'. Made for Here We Go 5 U7.

  • Welcome to Kirby Cafe!

    Practice ordering food and asking about menu prices, featuring Kirby Cafe!

  • Ordering in a restaurant

    This activity will introduce restaurant vocabulary to students and includes a script on how to order in a restaurant.

  • Shopping Spree

    A shopping game to practice request/ordering dialogues.

  • Useful Expressions: Shopping (for clothes)

    A companion warm-up activity for "Useful Expressions" on page 75 from One World 2.

  • Money Money Clothes Shopping activity

    An activity meant to help students practice speaking and some basic shopping skills. Useful for class sizes of 10 or fewer students.

  • Let’s replace a defective product.

    This is a practice activity, based on Sunshine 3 page 50 Power-Up 2 “Returning a product”. It role-plays returning a defective or unwanted product to a shop.

  • My Conbini 'How many' 'I want to ...'

    Reviews 'How many' and plural 's' as well as 'I want to buy...'

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