4年生 "Do you have a ___?" stationary ppt/game!

Let's Try 2 Stationary vocab review + practicing the grammar point "Do you have a ____?" "Yes I do" / "No, I don't".

Hello! Here's a powerpoint I used to cover the stationary lesson in Let's Try 2. You'll start off by reviewing the new vocab (pencil, pen, ruler, etc.) then there's a practice section for "Do you have a ________?" and the students can practice answering "Yes, I do." or "No, I don't.".

I also made a Blooket game for my students to play after this!


Note: The blooket game is ONLY for the new vocab words.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • 4年生 Stationery PPT.pptx (5.61 MB)
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