Flags E.S.Grade 3 Guessing game

Powerpoint game designed to help elementary school grade 3 students learn the name of some countries. (Let's Try! 1 book).


First, teacher sends the powerpoint file to all students' PCs.
Students open the file and the PowerPoint will run automatically.
Click "ESC" to turn it off.

Guessing game procedure:

Pair work activity.

After clicking on "start the presentation" 9 flags are going to be shown on their screens.
Each student chooses 3 countries by clicking on 3 flags that they want and placing "ohajikis" on top of the flags.
Don't let them show their partners which countries they are choosing.
After choosing 3 countries, they play rock, paper, scissors to decide who is going to start the game.
Students try to guess which countries their partners chose by either saying the name of a country or by asking and answering questions.

(If the partner has an "ohajiki" on top of America he or she has to say "Yes", but if there is no "ohajiki" on it, the partner says "No")
Let's assume that student A won rock, paper, scissors. Student A begin the game by saying;

Student A: America?
Student B: No.
Student B: Finland?
Student A: Yes. (Student A loses one "ohajiki"). They can erase the ohajiki by clicking on the "ohajiki".

The student who guesses faster the 3 countries that his or her partner chose, is the winner.


Student A: Do you like America?
Student B: No, I don't.
Student B: Do you like Finland?
Student A: Yes, I do. (Student A loses one "ohajiki")


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