Who is Who Interview and Quiz Game

This starts with a mingler and then a quiz game

After handing out the sheets have the students fill in their names (in Romanji unless you can read kanji) and then fill in their answers. You practice the question and answer patterns as they fill in their answer. The answers should be written in a way you can read (for me that's English, romanji, hiragana or katakana). Some students will not complete this part in a timely fashion. After giving everyone a certain amount of time I move onto the next part whether they are all ready or not. They can continue prepping after the interviews have begun.

Part One is the interview game. It can be done in two different ways. They can either make pairs and ask and answer questions, or make pairs and share the information without asking questions. In the ladder it is good to teach the students some reactions such as 'nice' or 'cool' or 'me too'. I also suggest to the students that they don't interview the kids that will be in their usual group.

They take turns gathering information until some of the students have completed the worksheet and then you end this part of the activity and have everyone return to their seats. Once sitted I collect all the papers and tell the students to make groups.

Next is quiz time. The ALT and the JTE take turns reading the information off a random paper without saying the name. The students think together in a group and try to guess who the person is. For this I usually use magnets to put a paper up on the board for each time. A member from the team will come up and write the name they guess on the blackboard under their team's paper. After everyone has come up or a time limit has passed we lower the papers to check every team's guess and then reveal the answer. Reward points to the teams that got it right and then move onto the next quiz.

Submitted by UonumaRobert May 13, 2019 Estimated time: Writing, practice, interviews and quiz take a full lesson. The quiz is adjustable timewise

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