Digraph Handouts

Six handouts with Japanese descriptions of digraphs and silent E. Meant to be used with in class phonics instruction.

These digraph handouts are ideally meant to supplement a phonics focused lesson and later serve as a reminder or study aide for later use. Though these handouts include katakana, many of them are not truly accurate and are only meant to help remind students about the sounds.

Handout 1: Long Vowel Digraphs (AI, OA, IE, EE, EA)
Handout 2: Silent E (includes the 2 long U sounds (eg. cute and ruler))
Handout 3: Long and Short OO (as in zoo and book)
Handout 4: Vowels plus W (AW, OW, EW, OU) (includes the 2 OW sounds eg. now vs low) <included OU here because it makes the same sound as OW
Handout 5: Vowels plus Y (AY, OY, EY, and OI) <included OI here because it makes the same sound as OY
Handout 6: Vowels plus R (AR, OR, IR, and AIR)

Personally, I plan to use these as supplements to a 15 minute phonics warm up I do at the beginning of class. I start with phonics instruction, supplemented by the handout. Then, the students do an activity to practice what they've learned.

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    1. deedeek January 22, 2024

      This is really helpful and awesome, thanks for sharing!

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