The activity practices or teaches about phonics.

  • Long vowel explanations/ examples handout

    A quick reference guide for students to remember the basic vowel teams, where they can be used, and how they are pronounced.

  • Digraph Handouts

    Six handouts with Japanese descriptions of digraphs and silent E. Meant to be used with in class phonics instruction.

  • New Horizon 5 starting sounds worksheet

    A few more listening exercises to do with students that follow the same style as the listening exercises on page 95 of New Horizon.

  • Writing for Sounds Phonics

    Uses letters C K E H R M D to make words that students listen to and then write to check for phonics understanding

  • Real or Not Phonics

    Uses letters S A T P I N to spell real and fake words that can be read using phonics

  • Letter formation practice

    A collection of worksheets and workbooks to help students practice writing upper and lowercase letters. Some worksheets also include 2 letter combos.

  •  abc song

    a short song to introduce the alphabets phonics sounds.

  • Dictations for Multiple Letters

    Practice letter sound recognition and writing skills by spelling out words.

  • Spelling Bee

    An adaptation of NYT's Spelling Bee. Can be a worksheet or played on blackboard

  • Tongue Twisters

    Good for use in English club activities, or as a challenge for your class

  • Phonics Practice Worksheets

    A bunch of worksheets you can use to practice phonics, best used as a warm up activity.

  • Tongue Twister Telephone

    Team game with tongue twisters!

  • Alphabet Animals

    Students practice the alphabet, pronunciation, and the names of animals. Answering basic comprehension questions and saying words starting with certain letters to practice English use are also possibl

  • Alphabet Flashcards

    Alphabet FC for Grade 4-6th , Textbook New Horizon

  • Lower Case Writing Practice

    Lower case writing worksheets

  • Phonics Maze

    Guide students through a maze using phonics.

  • Capital Writing Practice

    Capital Writing practice broken down into 5 sections

  • Zodiac animals flashcards

    I made these cute zodiac animals which was very helpful for kindergarter, grades 1 and 2 lessons.

  • Phonics Long Aa Short Aa

    Reading practice for Long Aa Short Aa pronunciation

  • Kirby Dessert Dash (Phonics Game)

    Split your class in 2 and have them listen to a word and then attempt to write it based on the pronunciation! Good at getting all the students involved in bigger classes.

  • Story String

    Students create their own story in English!

  • Haunted Links

    Much like the classical Link Rink game, but with a Halloween theme.

  • Similar Sounds Game

    A warm-up phonics activity to practice listening and pronunciation.

  • Alphabet Pyramid

    A good worksheet to practice alphabet or phonics.

  • Time and routine mini cards

    ready to cut mini-cards and daily routine for short games

  • Vowel Sound dominoes

    Synopsis This is a game where 2, 4 or 5 players players try to match vowel sounds of words with each other using square cards with 4 words on them on a table top like conventional dominoes.

  • Assembly Line (Phonics)

    Cooperative Word-Making phonics game

  • 𝐍𝐞𝐰 𝐇𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐳𝐨𝐧 ⑤ & ⑥ materials

    Collection of prints, activities and materials for use at elementary school. Covers all units of the New Horizon 5 and 6 textbooks.

  • Simple Phonics Bingo and Kahoot

    Made to practice short vowels and consonants. Designed as a review for grades 5 and 6 ES.

  • Junior Sunshine 5 Phonics Concentration

    An online matching game using the phonics words from Junior Sunshine 5

  • Phonics Survival Game - Fall Guys theme

    A sort of last one standing, choose the correct answer game the whole class can play.

  • Say Something A.K.A. 2 line game

    A warm-up activity where kids line up in 2 long lines. No materials needed. they race each other to say who can say a word faster.

  • Quick 'n' Easy Bingo Cards

    5x5 bingo cards for the alphabet.

  • Phonics Worksheets

    Students use simple phonics to read and match words to pictures.

  • Mario Phonics Review B and V

    Powerpoint Game Warmups for reviewing contrasting phonic sounds B and V in a Mario Theme.

  • First Phonics Lesson

    This game gets them to associate letters with word sounds by having students generate English words in various categories that start with specific letters.

  • First Letter Phonics

    Students play Karuta to help them understand the way letters work.

  • Cute Hand-drawn Phonics Chart (A-Z)

    A bright and cute hand-drawn phonics sheet covering the letters of the alphabet.

  • Phonics Fun

    Students listen to the ALT pronounce words from the worksheet and choose the corresponding words in an 'amida' or 'ghost leg' activity.

  • Canada Quizzes

    Three choice quizzes I use when first start at schools. Might be useful for other ALTs from Canada.

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