4年生 Year Review Treasure Hunt Game

Students make teams and search for items using the vocab they've learned this year. A bomb is -3pts, coins are +2pts, treasure is +5pts and a thief is steal 3pts

Students make teams and try to get points by finding treasure. After they say the vocabulary word aloud, the teacher can click the image, potentially revealing an item.
Treasure = +5pts
Coins = +2pts
Bomb = -3pts
Thief = Steal 3pts from another team (level 3 onwards)

As this game relies on luck, if one team gets spectacularly unlucky I do janken and give them +5 for a win or +2 for a loss. I only do this if they are losing very badly though. It's also worth telling the kids not to cheer at other's misfortune, or chanting 'bomb'.

I usually get through 7-8 levels in one class, but there are 10 levels overall. Level 7 is a lucky level with no bombs, only treasure, coins and thieves.
I tried to include every unit from Let's Try 2 except for Unit 9. You may want to switch the alphabet slides to lowercase though.

I copied the pictures for the school rooms from UonumaRobert's wonderful 'Where is Doraemon?' game, thanks for creating them!

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    Submitted by AsakawaSune January 29, 2024 Estimated time: 45min+
    1. kusobaba January 30, 2024

      Love it. Thank you.

    2. juliejuls January 30, 2024

      Well made, thanks for sharing :]

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