Mario Mystery Box (ANIMAL QUIZ)

Mario themed mystery box about animals.

This is not my PPT so credits to NKEYALT for posting this and to the original file from Thank you so much!

I just changed the questions to animal pictures. They will guess what animal is shown based on the picture of the body part of that animal.

How to play;
A student/team chooses a letter and answers the corresponding question. I ask the students to say the letter and a word that starts with that letter ("A, apple!, M, Mario!"). Then click/tap on that letter box.
If they get it correct, they go to a mystery box page, or not correct the red X back to the A-Z questions page. Sometimes I give them a time limit on answering the questions.
What's in the mystery box can be good or bad.
The student/team chooses to keep the box and its contents for themselves or give it to another team.
The teacher then reveals the prize in the mystery box and what the student/team gets.
The student/team with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Note; You can just ignore the fonts pop up box when you download the PPT. The original file had some unique fonts.

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    Submitted by YukiMino January 31, 2024 Estimated time:
    1. itspertytime January 31, 2024

      This is so cool. ;)

    2. yelrm February 1, 2024

      So cute! My students would go crazy for this! Thank you for your work!

    3. Quiin_Hesta February 7, 2024

      This is so cool! My students loved it!

    4. ReySensei February 13, 2024

      The effort of making such wonderful presentation..amazing,.and Job well done

    5. allisonsenseikyotoshi February 13, 2024

      As always, Tay's Teaching Toolkit has quality powerpoints and I found the graphics really fun, though I would like to offer some advice for the next player:

      In total there are eight deduction and 0 point prizes which I think could be better played without or edited so that only 10 points can ever be deducted, or even have those slides replaced with a janken game for points or opportunities to steal points instead.

      I just played this with my 3rd graders divided into 2 teams and I've never experienced a class with so many crying children, since their team kept getting the bad prizes and the other team kept getting 50 or 100 points per question, it was really disproportionate.

      Just seems like the game could be edited to give the kids more of a chance for getting points, especially since it will probably be played in conjunction with a lesson reviewing animal vocabulary, leaving only a few turns to play anyway. So just a heads up! Maybe play janken to give them a chance.

    6. Nikaty February 14, 2024

      This is cool, might try it with one of my lower level classes for the last class this semester

    7. Kilua25 February 16, 2024

      Thank you for sharing this. My students had so much fun; they were amazed and laughed in a good way every time I revealed the whole animal picture. To facilitate the game, I prepared small mystery boxes that students could place on their table during their turn or pass to the other team if they wanted to give it away. This made it much easier for the students to understand the instructions without relying on their HRT for translation. Despite some significant point deductions, I informed them beforehand that this is just a game, and our goal is to enjoy it. As a result, the game ended with positive energy, even though some groups only scored a few points. I gave stickers to everyone because they were all good sports. :)

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