Over the Horizon - Unit 7 (6th grade)

To be used with New Horizon 6 Over the Horizon (Unit 7).

The PowerPoint presents how school life in other countries are different from Japan.

It includes three questions: (taken from the textbook)

(1) When does school start?
For this question I used a world map and a location pin to show students where the countries are and then included the answer. The PP is made so that students can guess which month school starts in before showing them the answer.

(2) When is the weekend?
From textbook, the two highlighted countries are Bahrain and Iran. I included a world map to show where the countries are and their flag. I also included the answers on the slide.

(3) How many years is elementary school?
Again, using the countries from the textbook, I included a world map to show students where the countries are and included the answers on the sides.

N.B. I am from Jamaica so for each question I included the answers about my own country. Feel free to include information about your country.

School Lunch
The Over the Horizon feature has a subheading on school lunch. I included a video on school lunches around the world. The students loved seeing the different meals. I stopped for each country to ensure students knew which country it was and to explain any food they weren't familiar with.

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