Over the Horizon - Unit 7 (5th grade)

To be used with New Horizon 5 Over the Horizon (Unit 7)

The PowerPoint presents different aspects of Japanese culture that are popular in other countries.

It includes 3 subheadings:

(1) Traditional culture
* Kabuki - I showed the pictures first to have students tell me what it was and then showed the video of a kabuki performance in the US (Las Vegas). I tried to show students how the performance mixed new technology with traditional kabuki.
*Karate - Again, showed students the picture first and had them tell me what it was. Also explained that Japan has many martial arts forms but karate is perhaps the most popular in other countries.

(2) Food
I showed students the pictures of Japanese food, had them name them and then tried to guess the rank of most popular among foreigners.

(3) Pop culture: manga, anime and video games
For these I just showed students the rankings.
For some classes, I had students ask each other first for their favourite manga/anime/video game.
PS. for the video game I gave them my favourites. Please feel free to change.

Word Adventure
The aim of the word adventure is to have students think of which Japanese words are the same in English. I added the pictures in the event that students couldn't think of many words. Show the picture and elicit the answers.

PPS. all the rankings I took from the internet. I'm not very knowledgeable in manga/anime so take it at face value.

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