Food chain card game

This is a card game I made to practice the 6th grade unit about the food chain.

This is for New Horizons 6 unit 6. The students will practice saying (Animals eat animals). First review the sentence with a few different examples. It is basically the card game war.

Divide the class into groups and pass out a deck of cards to each pair. Have them shuffle the cards and each person take half the deck.

Make sure the students do not look at their cards. Have them each play the card at the top of their deck at the same time. They then compare the numbers at the top. These numbers are the power level, so a level 3 card beats levels 1 and 2 but loses to levels 4 and 5. The winner is the student with the higher power level. The winner will say the sentence "Animals eat animals."
For example, if I play a level 4 lion and my opponent plays a level 3 monkey. I win. I say "Lions eat Monkeys" and take both cards and put them in my deck.
Then they go again. This continues until all cards are held by one person.

If there is a tie, the students play janken and the winner gets the cards and says the sentence.

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