Wink Detective Game

Wink murder, the classic school game from my childhood with a more suitable name and a handy explanation powerpoint.

Powerpoint to explain the rules of the Wink Detective Game!

If you don't know the game, all students sit in a big circle (make sure its as big and not squished as possible so they can see everyone) and one student is chosen by the teacher to be the detective. They either close their eyes or leave the room for a moment while you choose who will be Wink-san (aka the murderer).

The detective stands in the middle and tries to work out who is Wink-san, while Wink-san tries to inconspicuosly wink at the other students - if Wink-san winks at you, you go to sleep. I've played both with super loud genki classes who have a ton of kids who will mime going to sleep by fully throwing themselves on the floor, or quieter classes who will just lower their head sat in their chairs. Most kids fall somewhere in the middle haha

Once the detective thinks they know who Wink-san is, they ask "Are you Wink-san?" if they are right they win, if they are wrong they can ask again. My OTE only allowed them 2 guesses each round to speed the game up, but it's up to you if you give them a certain number of guesses or they can keep going until all students are asleep.

This is just a fun game to play if you have extra time or an end of semester activity, no grammar or vocab to practice, but if you have a way to turn it into a practice game, please let me know!

Enjoy :)

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    Submitted by charlotte March 19, 2024 Estimated time: 10 mins or more (multiple rounds)
    1. Mango March 21, 2024

      I can see this working well with some of my high school classes! Thank you! =D

    2. RoselleDesigns March 21, 2024

      You could have the students say a phrase in English when they are winked at- for example their favorite animal, what they had for breakfast etc. They could still 'fall asleep' after saying the phrase.

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