Feelings and descriptions adjective posters

Posters with adjective "wheels" to help students describe their feelings and impressions of things

These are two word wheel posters that break down adjectives about emotions and descriptions of things. Each poster asks a question: "How are you?" or "What is it like?"

There are three levels to each adjective wheel that function more or less as difficulty levels. For example, on the "How are you?" poster, one example of this is Good (Lvl. 1) > Happy (Lvl. 2) > Wonderful (Lvl. 3). ES students should be able to use words from the first and second levels, while JHS students should be challenged to use words from the third level of each poster.

Katakana readings are included under all adjectives. Meanings are not included, so you may need to explain words that students are unfamiliar with.

My JTEs and I intend to put these up on the blackboard during class and encourage students to reference them when asked about their feelings or impressions of things. These could also be posted on an English board or a classroom wall. I printed these on A3 paper and laminated them.

I'm also including the original Excel file so that you can customize the wheels if you'd like.

Submitted by srmaynard44 April 2, 2024 Estimated time: N/A
  1. Furachan April 5, 2024

    Looks great! It will add a good bit of vocab to the students. I have an image that you could use it for some roulette activity like "pickerwheel".

  2. jackricoco April 9, 2024

    The pink "OK"... was that a mistake? Sick and OK aren't exactly synonyms

  3. srmaynard44 April 10, 2024

    @jackricoco Not quite. My JTE and I were having trouble figuring out where "sick" could go and he proposed that a student could answer, "I'm OK," and then expand by saying, "I'm sick." Admittedly, it's not a great fit. Feel free to edit the Excel file!

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