Battleship ABCDE&FGHIJ

A pair game in which players secretly select 10 "ships" (single squares actually) and try to guess/sink the other players "ships".

Do you know this game? There was a toy version of it and I am sure there is an on-line version. This version is aimed at learners of English who are starting out.
You give everyone in the class the print. Set them into pairs. Direct them to select 10 randomly placed squres on the big grid. This is their own battle fleet. Without showing the other player their print they take turns to guess the other players ships by saying the coordinates. The small grid is to take a memo of hits and misses.
I would recommend players to use something like a file of text to hide their fleet plan.

This game really helps with pronouncing the letters!

Small files
  • battleship ABCDE FGHIJ simple and trace good version.pdf (799 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • battleship ABCDE FGHIJ simple and trace.docx (1.44 MB)
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    Submitted by Furachan May 13, 2024 Estimated time: Over 15 minutes....
    1. scrying May 14, 2024

      I rather like this, especially for small special needs classes. Can you possibly upload an editable file? pdf to word isn't available at all schools.

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