Weekday Heads Up 7 Up

Modified the game from last year for this chapter

Simple classroom game for 14+ students. My class has about 35.

Simple rules:
1) Have 7 students stand at the front of the room with cards that say the day's of the week. (I will add some from the Let's Try 2 book).
2) Have all the sitting kids put their heads down on their desk and thumbs up.
3) The 7 at the front will sneek around the room and pick any one student by tapping their thumb.
4) The selected student will put their thumb down or in their fist.
5) When all 7 students have chosen another student, they stand at the front of the room and the teacher can say "heads up 7 up/Good morning"
6) The chosen students will stand at their desk. They have one guess for which of the 7 chose them. To guess, they must say the key phrase "It's weekday" (based on the card the student is holding at the front of the room.
7) If they guess correctly, they replace the student that chose them. If they guess wrong they must sit down.
8) Rinse and repeat from step 2

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    Submitted by CarpenterBee June 10, 2024 Estimated time: 10-20 Minutes
    1. 3dbae June 10, 2024

      Perfect! Just in time for the last hour of this unit!!

    2. charlotte June 10, 2024

      This is such a good idea of how to make Heads Up into a vocab practice game! I'm going to play with my 4th graders this week for the last class on this unit :) Thank you!

    3. RoselleDesigns June 12, 2024

      I have been trying to find a way to incorporate vocab practice into this game and this is perfect. Thank you for the great idea!

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