Heads Up 7 Up Game *Explanation PPT

American (?) classroom game use to fill time.

I needed a time filler for one of my elementary classes but wanted it to be subject related. This is a PowerPoint you can show your kids/co-teachers to explain the rules!

The template I'm sharing was translated by my JTE and is for the subject "I want to be (a police officer)". However this PPT is entirely editable for any of your subjects and for any grade level. I used it for my 3rd graders when they were learning "It's a (cat)". Simply change out the little picture icons and key words :)

Paper cards with subject vocabulary words on them
TV + HDMI + PowerPoint

If you don't know how to play:
1) 7 students stand at the front of the classroom. Each holds a picture of a vocabulary word that can be used with the subjects key phrase.

2) All the sitting students put their heads down/(close their eyes) on the desk. They should show their fist on the desk like the photo shown.

3) The 7 students will silently go around the room and tap ONE student with their head down. That student will do a “thumbs up” but keep their head down and eyes closed.

4) The teacher will say “Heads Up 7 Up” when all 7 students return to the front of the classroom. The students who were tapped can stand and try to pick one student by saying the key phrase “I want to be a/an_(picture being held by one of the 7 students)__ .”

5) If the student who guessed is correct, they switch places with the standing student. If they are wrong they must sit down.

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    Submitted by CarpenterBee March 13, 2024 Estimated time: 10-20 Minutes
    1. Mango March 19, 2024

      A classic! Thank you! =D

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