Katakana quick quiz

Little prep vocabulary review warm-up activity.

Easy little prep vocabulary review warm-up activity.

I often think katakana is a fake friend when it comes to learining to spell words in English. I have often caught my students writing words following their katakana pronunication. So, I felt it upon me to do somehing about it.

My HRT liked this idea so much that we now use it at the beginning of most classes. I use it for all JHS grades.

① Give every student a worksheet.
② Rules
- You or the HRT will write 5 katakana words on the blackboard.
- Students will have 1 minute to translate the words in to English.
- After the timer is up you will reveal a hint (how many letters in each word).
- After that they will have 1 more minute to revise what they wrote.
- Tell them each correct letter = 1 point.
③ Check together. Instead of just revealing the word, I have the class spell them out for me.
ALT: What’s the first letter?
S: A...
ALT: Writes A on the blackboard.
④ Have the students count their points.

Prep: Print out the worksheet. I print 2 per page and just cut it in half.

Notes: I choose katakana words from their vocabulary sheets.
For 1st grade we give the students 2 mins + 1 min instead of 1+1.

Submitted by Tina_1 July 8, 2024 Estimated time: 10 minutes

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