Preposition Battleship (JHS 1年生 or ES 5年生)

Inspired by RingBearer852's Battleship activities, made 2 different versions depending on your needs.

Short worksheet inspired by RingBearer852's Battleship activities. My JTEs have different philosophies about reading vs speaking, so I made two different versions: one with the text associated with the pictures, and one without. The one without would be better for 5th grade, I think.

Includes PDFs and .docx files of both versions. Also includes a PDF of just the boards themselves. If you work at a larger school that uses technology I HIGHLY recommend uploading the PDF to whatever online learning tool you use (like manabipocket, etc.) in order to save paper. I also tell students to hide their "map" and they take that job very seriously.

Furniture illustrations from
On/In/Under/By illustrations from the New Horizon 1 textbook.


Submitted by meatydog July 8, 2024 Estimated time: 10 minutes
Inspired by Battleship worksheets

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