Phonics Collection 2024 (ES)

A collection of phonics materials I've gathered and created over the years. They are ordered from beginner to upper beginners. Used for 3rd-6th Grade and JHS

Credits to: Mrlssei - Fall Guys and Karat - Phonics A and E. Let me know if there are others! Also included some Let's Try 1&2 writing practice pdfs that the students do for homework.

Explanation. These are ordered from 0 to 6.

0: Play the song and pause at song breaks. Ask Ae is for? Buh is for until E. Then continue till the next song break.
1: Students cut out the cards from Let's Try 1/2. Lay it out on the table. Teacher says the phonics sound from a-d. The students must pick up the card and show that they understood what you said. Move on to e-h ect. You can also do karuta in groups where students who touch the letter fastest gets the card.
2. A-Z sugoroku. This is a board game, students use erasers and dice in a group and must say the word they land on (if too hard the letters are fine too).
3. A repeat after me powerpoint to review the phonics alphabet.
3. Fall Guys. This is explained on Mrlssei acticity page better but basically students raise their hand left or right depending on which letter you said. There is a list of letters on the last slide.
4. Students write the phonic letter you say. Display on your tv and explain the answers at the end.
5. A-E phonics. I begin the lesson by asking what 'a' words they know. After I give an example of 'cat'. Some kids say 'apple' 'hat' 'America' ect. I then explain the 6 words pan, hat, jam, fan ect. I display it on the tv and solve one for them and also do one word in the word search so the instructions are crystal clear.
6 Extra materials for writing and recognising the alphabet. All the best!

Small files
  • 4 Phonics Practice 1.pdf (134 KB)
  • 4 Phonics Practice 2.pdf (154 KB)
  • 4 Phonics Practice 3.pdf (145 KB)
  • 4 Phonics Practice 4.pdf (163 KB)
  • 5 Phonics A worksheet.docx (265 KB)
  • 5 Phonics E worksheet.docx (267 KB)
  • 5 Phonics I worksheet.docx (153 KB)
  • 5 Phonics O worksheet.docx (280 KB)
  • 5 Phonics U worksheet.docx (192 KB)
  • 6 Aa to Zz NEW HORIZON font.pdf (195 KB)
  • 6 Lets try 1 writing practice.pdf (478 KB)
  • 6 Lets Try 2 writing practice.pdf (465 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • 3 A to Z PHONICS PRACTICE.pptx (11 MB)
  • 3 FALL GUYS PHONICS GAME.pptx (14.2 MB)
  • 6 Alphabet Search studets go up and circle one.pdf (2.77 MB)
  • 0 Phonics Song A is for apple.pptx (20.7 MB)
  • 1 Lets Try A-Z Flashcards.pdf (2.29 MB)
  • 2 AaBbCc Sugoroku.xlsx (1.95 MB)
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