Infinitives Jeopardy!

This is a Jeapardy game to practice Unit 3 of New Horizons 2, specifically pages 37, 38, 40.

Give the students a worksheet each for writing answers.

Use a random number generator to select a student. They can then choose a category and number. 10 is easy, 50 is difficult.
You can click on the numbers to take you to each question.
The gif on the left will return you to the Jeopardy slide. The gif on the right will take you to the 'Well Done' slide.
I usually give them about 1 minute for each question. Use your judgement. If it's easy, they might be quicker and not need the full time. If it's difficult they might need a little more time.
Leave time at the end for students to count up their score! I usually give the top 2 or 3 students a sticker prize.

Small files
  • U3 Jeopardy Answer WORKSHEET.docx (208 KB)
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  • U3 Jeopardy PPT.pptx (17.2 MB)
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    Submitted by lianneinjapan July 9, 2024 Estimated time: 50 minutes

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