Face Game and Happy Devil Game

A few activities to practice the copula verb


The students make pairs and do rock scissors and paper. The loser must pick one of the unsigned feelings on the winners paper and make that facial expression. The winner then guesses 'Do you feel...?' If the answer is 'Yes, I do' then they sign. Alternately the winner can give it as an order 'Wow! You look sleepy' and the loser must do that expression.

Once they've collected five signs come to the teacher for a stamp or just sit down. Once a few are done I continue with round two. Rather than play in rounds the emotion Card sheet can be used as a single round game.

At present we cannot mingle in class so the game is played with the same partner for a set time limit. They stand together and keep doing rock paper scissors and then check the feelings they complete. Whichever gets the most checks is the winner. I also cut it down to two rounds.


This is a group activity. They see the picture and one member of each group rushes to the teacher to make a sentence such as 'He looks happy' then if its okay they go to the ALT and pick a square to get points. If they get a devil their team loses all points or does Jankan and risk losing all points, your call. If you are using a tablet then the students can touch the squares themselves and manage their own points. If you are using a computer one teacher checks answers and the other handles the computer.

NEW Version Vs. Old Version
The old version included 'It looks like an elephant'.

The new version includes 'He sounds happy'.

The new version includes qualities rather than just emotions, for example 'He looks strong' or 'It looks delicious'

The old version of the Happy Devil game only has 8 point boxes and the new version has 9.

Odds are you might want to mix and match when you do it. Ask your teacher what they want to include. It is fairly easy to change the introduction and the pictures.


After playing the devil game in groups I have the students split back up and work on the writing individually. Both the old and new versions have an example of the writing. I recommend the new version. The old version on the slide show is a bit too difficult and long.

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