Is There Sumo In America?

Students play a true or false guessing game about America while using "there is/are."

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Originally submitted by Anonymous on Nov 29, 2011.


  • IsThereSumoInAmerica attachment
  • Jenga or Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu game


  • Make lunch groups and hand out the worksheet. Divide the questions amoung the groups and give them 5-10 minutes to make their guesses.
  • After 10 minutes each team reads one question together to the ALT and show their guess (O, X).
  • The ALT then says the answer, if it's true then they get points, if wrong they play a game like Jenga or Kuro-hige Kiki Ippatsu (Black Beard in Danger).
  • The next team asks their question and the game continues until all questions have been asked.


  • These questions are all based on America, so feel free to adjust to your own home country.
  • Some students might not know some vocabulary, like 'volcano.'
Submitted by Englipedia Archive July 3, 2019 Estimated time: 35-50 min

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