How Many Guesses

Students practice speaking with a set dialogue and try to guess their classmates' magic numbers.

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Originally submitted by Joyce P. Le on Nov 4, 2010.


  • Review the grammar point, set phrases -- "No, too bad." and "Yes, you got it!" -- and numbers.
  • Ask students to write any numbers on the space given under each picture and tell them it is a secret so don't show anyone.
  • Do a role play with the teacher and make sure to incorporate the students. Have the JTE be 'A' and the ALT + students be 'B'. Make sure students know what the answer is and guide them to answer the question.
  • Rules of the game: 'A' needs to decide on a picture and asks, "How many .... do you have?" and 'B' needs to say, "I have many..." Then 'A' will try to guess the correct number, though 'A' can only make up to three guesses. (Look at the worksheet for the dialogue).
  • There are 12 pictures and therefore each student only needs to speak to 12 people. Have them speak to the person sitting next to them first and then let them wander freely to find the next 11 students.
  • Reading practice: After 20 minutes or so, do a short Q&A activity. For the first six pictures, the ALT will ask students, "How many... do you have?" and students will answer according to their answer. For the next six pictures, students will ask the question and the teachers will answer.


  • It is recommended that teachers decide on a range of numbers; for example from 2-20 or 11-20.
  • Extra credit for writing practice: Students write the questions and answers according to the pictures. Then they will find the answers in the word search. After that, they can find the hidden message (any letters from the top-down, left-right, starting with the first H, that are not used are part of the hidden message. These letters should be written in order to find the hidden message). The answer is: "How many sisters do you have?"
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