Present Perfect

Tom has eaten two hot dogs.

  • Find Someone Who

    Students ask each other questions about whether they've been to various locations.

  • Sunshine 3rd year Program 2-3 Writing

    Writing worksheets for students to write about a place they've either been to or want to go to.

  • Have you ____ today? Present Perfect guessing

    Students practice the present perfect with words like "already," "just," and "not yet" through a character guessing game.

  • I Have Never

    Students play "Never Have I Ever" in lunch groups, then write about what they learned about their classmates.

  • How long have you Bingo

    Students try and get bingo by asking students what they have and haven't done.

  • Top Dog

    A write and race activity for present perfect

  • Strange Pirates

    A mingler version of battle ship

  • Have You Ever Interview

    Introducing the question, "Have you ever ~ ?" and having students interview each other.

  • I have (just/already) point cards

    Students try to get the most points by taking time cards and making sentences about what they've just/already done at that time.

  • Don't Get Yes

    Students ask present perfect questions while hoping not to get three strikes.

  • I Have Never

    This game is based on the American drinking game, "Never have I ever..."

  • Have You Ever Bet

    Students practice "Have you ever ....?" questions while having fun betting about classmates' experiences.

  • Bingo Bongo

    Students ask the ALT questions to try and get a Bingo or Bongo.

  • Guess Who - I Have Already Eaten Lunch

    An activity based on the popular Guess Who game.

  • Who kidnapped Miki Ando?

    Students translate Perfect Present sentences from Japanese to English in order to solve the mystery of who kidnapped Miki Ando.

  • Do you have ESP?

    Students test their classmates' powers of perception by drawing hidden shapes.


    Variation on Battle for Japan.

  • Have you ever eaten sushi?

    An activity that gives students a chance to practice "Have you ever" sentences.

  • I have played nintendo for 28 years

    Students practice writing sentences using the present perfect. Then they write 3 true statements and 1 false statement about their lives. Other students must guess which is the false statement.

  • "How long have you...?" Bingo

    Students practice the question "How long have you ____?" by playing bingo with each other.

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