Time zones worksheet

This is a complementary worksheet for the ''Time zones '' PowerPoint that is posted on the website.

The PowerPoint is really good at introducing the kids to new info on other countries. After the kids were introduced to the different time zones i gave them this worksheet as a recap . They have to determine what time it is in each country when it's a certain time in Japan

Submitted by bealesarkozy November 1, 2020 Estimated time: 10-15minutes
Inspired by Time Zones
  1. UonumaRobert November 4, 2020

    Thanks, I’ll add this to my library for future years. So odd to me that people are doing ‘What Time’ so late in the year. New Crown covered it in the spring. Jake’s tag system really is better than going by textbook.

  2. bealesarkozy November 10, 2020

    Students didnt return until June here, so a lot of teachers had to go at a slower pace. yes it's quite convenient that system.

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