Let's Try One Lesson Seven Clap Game

I used this to introduce the shapes and shapes plus colors.

The clap game is also called the key word game.

Show the slide with the white shapes and introduce the shape words. The final shape is ice cream. Ice cream is in the book for some reason and it also gets a laugh.

Click on one shape to make it glow. That is the keyword. Then do the clap game. The ALT claps twice and says a word, the students then clap twice and repeat the word. But if the ALT claps twice and says the keyword the students shouldn't clap. Instead they grab their eraser, or touch their head, or do whatever the challenge is. They can do this in pairs to make it more competitive although for such young students I usually have them play against the HRT, see if they can grab and raise their pencil case before the teacher does.

If you clip the object again the glow vanishes and you can pick another.

After doing the first screen a few times move onto the the level up. This introduces shape plus color but is otherwise the same. There is a third screen with different colored objects.

Note the diamond is a bit rougher looking than the others because windows doesn't have a diamond shape so I had to put two triangles together.


LT1-7 Shapes and Colors CLAP Game.pptx

Total 0

Estimated time: 10 minutes

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

November 12, 2020


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