Who are you? Quiz game

A review of the grammar points and vocabulary from New Crown 1, Lesson 1 (Are you ___? Are you from ___? and Yes, I am/ No, I`m not)

Submitted by ZoeDeborah

January 13, 2021

Estimated time: 15~20 minutes

In small groups, students take turns choosing one of nine characters from the worksheet. Then the other students in their group take turns asking questions to figure out which character they chose.

Here`s how I usually do this activity:
1. Review key phrases (Are you ? Are you from ? and Yes, I am/ No, I am not)
2. Pass out the worksheets
3. Explain the rules and do a demo with the JTE
4. Practice reading the character names (Kitty White, Moominpapa, Catbus, Little My, Doraemon, Spongebob, Patrick, Pikachu, Shaun the Sheep), countries (England, Finland, Japan, America) and emotions (thirsty, tired, hungry, happy)
5. Have students make groups and decide the order with Jankenpon
6. After the students have done at least one round, I often have the JTE choose a character and then pick students to ask questions to guess which character the JTE chose


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