Super Mario Golden Bell (Quiz Game Template)

Super Mario version of the South Korean quiz game "Golden Bell," with both traditional elimination and point-based playstyles.

Submitted by drpowell

April 3, 2021

Estimated time: Flexible - Depends on the number of questions added. Allot at least 3 minutes per question.


Golden Bell is a popular elimination-style quiz game in South Korea. In order to involve all students throughout the duration of the game, I included the option of assigning point values to questions based on their difficulty. This review games mainly focuses on writing, but includes elements of listening, reading, and speaking. It is useful for reviewing nearly any grammar or learning point.


Tested for use on Windows-based computers only.
Editing: PowerPoint 2007 and newer
Playing: PowerPoint 2010 and newer
- You can also use PowerPoint Viewer, available for free from
Be sure to use PowerPoint Viewer without a version year attached to it.
- Not compatible with online versions of PowerPoint.

How to Edit

Add questions by adding slides after the title slide. There are a number of slide layouts to choose from, including extended response and multiple choice. Change the layout from the Home Tab. Add prompts and answers to the questions slides.

How to Play

Click the Toad sitting atop the game logo on the first slide to view the instructional guide.

Required materials

Each team/student will need
* Whiteboard
* Marker
* Eraser

Play Order (Sound effects are used to indicate the steps)

  1. Read the prompt to the students
  2. Students will write their response to the prompt on their whiteboard and then hide their answer
  3. Prompt the students to stop writing and and to show their answers
  4. Reveal the answer to the students
  5. If you are playing the elimination version of this game, any teams/students who answer incorrectly are eliminated
  6. If you are playing the points-based version of this game, teams who answer correctly receive the number of points you have assigned to the question, while those who have answered incorrectly receive zero points.
  7. Students erase their boards and proceed to the next question
  8. If you are playing the elimination version, play until there is only one team/student remaining.
  9. If you are playing the points-based version, play until the final question you prepared. The winner is the team(s) with the most points. If there is a tie, there is a bonus round that is explained in the notes of the PowerPoint file.

Other Information

This is just one of the many games I created when working as a teacher in South Korea from 2011 to 2017. I was recently asked on my Facebook page to upload my games to this site. I will be gradually adding them as I have time.

If you have questions about how to edit or play this game, feel free to contact me from my Facebook Page at I will try to answer you as promptly as possible. Links to all my games can be found on this page by clicking the Learn More button or at

Large files (these files require an account to download)
  • Super Mario Golden Bell - [DP].pptx (11.3 MB)
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    1. UonumaRobert April 3, 2021

      Thanks for sharing. I took a look at your site awhile back. Very well made templates.

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