Space Force

A group based writing game featuring alien invaders

Submitted by UonumaRobert

June 10, 2021

Inspired by: Discussion Time

Inspired by: Almost Pokemon Battle Game

Inspired by: How to make a powerpoint Point Game

Estimated time: 20 to 25 minutes

This is the same type of activity as Almost Pokemon Battle.

It works best on a tablet connected to the TV or projector.

Introduce the target language.

Go through the story slides telling the students aliens are visiting earth, are they friendly? No they aren't. The police need help. Here comes space force to save the day.

Go to the demo slide and click A to show the first sample question or key words and then click on the question to show the answer and the answer to make it vanish. Tell the students one member of their group comes to a teacher with the answer and if its okay they click on a character Icon. For this don't click on the male space force guy. Tell them they lost this round and get no point.

Do the second example but this time click on the male space force guy. This beats the alien so tell them the team gets a point and they can click the banner to move onto the next screen.

Once the demo is done make groups and hand out the papers, a worksheet for everyone and a question sheet for each group.

Now normally I do this on a tablet so both teachers can check answers and help groups and the students can tap the screen themselves. You may have to tell them to only use one finger. If the alien is clicked on it goes to game over. Click game over to go back into the game.

If you are using a computer then one teacher manages the computer and the other checks answer. Students write their own points on the board.

After a team is finished all 12 questions I end the activity and add up the scores, cheer the winning team.

The yellow arrow on the game over slide leads to the discussion time which is the same as an activity I've linked to.

  • Lucasmh June 11, 2021

    Now THAT is how you introduce a game, well done. You put so much more effort than was needed. Great Stuff

  • UonumaRobert June 11, 2021

    It must have been a quiet summer day in the office when I first put it together. Surfing irasutoya for ideas is always a fun way to fill time.

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