Almost Pokemon Battle Game

This is a write and race activity the students play in groups.

Submitted by UonumaRobert

January 22, 2019

Inspired by: How to make a powerpoint Point Game

Inspired: Almost Pokemon Battle Game with Randomizer

Inspired: Space Force

Estimated time: We do about 15 minutes of classroom routines so we'll use this for 20 to 25 minutes

NOTE 2021

I've noticed the pokemon beams have become too narrow to see. They were fine last year I guess something changed when Powerpoint updated recently. I'ved updated the files and hopefully they look okay now. Basically the beams need to be widened. If you see any issues please let me know. I find everytime I fix something I break something else.


It is a write and race activity played in groups sitting together. Generally each student gets a writing sheet and each group a question sheet. Alternately the worksheet could have the questions or the questions could be asked by the teachers.

On the demo screen you touch the A or B to show a sample question. The question to see an answer and then the answer to clear both. Then you press one of the three buttons at the bottom to try and blast the enemy pokemon. If it is a miss that team doesn't get points. If it is a hit the team gets points and you click on the next screen arrow at the bottom. The grey arrow goes the game over slide. If you end up on the game over slide by mistake you can click pikachu or the game over banner to go back into the game.

Next tell the students they will play a game called 'Pokemon Battle' and show the pokemon screen then go to the game demonstration screen.

At the end of the class the team with the most points is the winner.

I usually use this type of activity on a tablet. The students can manage to points on the board as well as tapping the buttons on the screen. Teachers can focus on helping groups and checking answer.


At the beginning of this version is a Pokeballs quiz game. This is a write and speak activity for groups. You click on the question number in the middle to show the keywords and the hint picture. Each group sends a member to one of the teachers to answer the question then clicks on a pokeball to get points. Then click on the number again to see the answer and the arrow to go to the next screen. This reviews subjective and possessive pronouns so it is hard. Don't do it until they've done activities practicing both forms separately.


At the beginning there is a model conversation to introduce a way of using this langugage in conversation. I demonstrate it, go over it and then have the students in pairs do their own versions with their own sentences. After they talk they sit down. After that is a fill in the blanks quiz game that can be done in groups. I do it as a Race and Speak quiz with each team sending a student to a teacher with an answer. Once every team has answered do the answer check. You can either reward speed (fastest team gets the most points) or use random point cards. I prefer the latter. On the demo screen you just keep clicking the question to go through the full examples. Finally after a certain amount of time is up (15 to 20 minutes to play the writing game) I click advance to game over and then hit the home point. This takes you to a longer version of the 'How was your weekend' conversation. If there is time I have the students in pairs in the lesson with this conversation again.

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    1. JoeyJoJo March 1, 2019

      I like that you can pretty much use this as a companion to any game or worksheet. Nicely done

    2. OdafromTaijima February 6, 2020

      Nice job!

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