British or not?

Critical thinking + culture activity

For the British ALTs!

Instruction guide:

  1. Hand out the worksheet, read the items listed. Explain that these items show us British culture.
  2. Explanation: students must check off the British items only. Can work with their friends. Give them 8-10 minutes.

-> Optional: you can tell them there are 14 British items: Soccer, Battenberg cake, Bentley, Alice, Skittles, Reebok, bulldogs, roast beef, Winnie, sandwiches, table tennis, Stonehenge, Dr. Martens and Big Ben

  1. Show them the ppt to check the answer


I updated and changed no.4 from potato chips to Battenberg cake to avoid any confusion over explanations!

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    Submitted by nachonaz June 14, 2021 Estimated time: 20-30
    1. UonumaRobert June 14, 2021

      Nice. I thought potato chips were invented by an African American cook.

    2. nachonaz June 14, 2021

      That's the legend and I also agree but there are some sources in a British cookbook, so I would explain that and the Saratoga story! Then let students decide on what they believe :)
      I'm just a stubborn brit :') hahaha

    3. UonumaRobert June 14, 2021

      I get that. As a Canadian we claim a few inventions that are pretty debatable.

    4. TheGeordieGaijin June 15, 2021

      As always, I'm really grateful for these - my JTEs often ask me for more UK-based activities and I'm always at a bit of a loss! :)

    5. nachonaz June 15, 2021

      No problem! I've been teaching the same students for a while so I always want to see how much knowledge they've retained about the UK. Especially about footie (::::::::

    6. nachonaz June 15, 2021

      sorry realised I messed up the animations on one slide - fixed it!

    7. nachonaz June 15, 2021

      I changed no.4 to battenberg--- a stubborn brit, I will bow down to the potato chip debacle :)

    8. ALTPeter June 15, 2021

      ....pushes up glasses...technically Winnie is Canadian....based on the mascot for the Winnipeg Rifles, seen by AA Milne and his son at the London Zoo where it was kept safe while the Rifles were in France in WW1 (sorry, Im a trivia geek)

    9. UonumaRobert June 15, 2021

      I was thinking that too but 'umm actually although the bear the story was inspired by was from Canada, the character and the book were infact written in the UK by a British writer.'

    10. nachonaz June 15, 2021

      Hahah that could be a sneaky trick question! Really blow the students mind! Us ALTs all across the country should have a trivia night :''')

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