TANABATA Race and Speak Point Game

Students work as groups. Get points by racing to speak the answers.

Submitted by UonumaRobert

September 10, 2021

Inspired by: STORY TIME

Inspired by: Small Talk

Inspired by: How to make a powerpoint Point Game

Estimated time: 20 to 30 minutes (full lesson with writing and small talk)

UPDATE 2022:

I shortened the story. It seemed a bit too long. I'll provide a link at the side to the full story.

I added a version combining 'We call him Koopa' and 'What makes you happy'. This includes a really quickly whipped together writing point game after the quiz. Groups do the writing at their own pace. Whenever they complete a question they go to the teacher to have it checked then they click on the star they want to get points. When all the stars are gone from a slide click on the arrow to go to a new screen.

I added one for 'reduced relative pronouns' 'They boy playing tennis is cool'. For follow up writing I'm using a poster called Park Life' which you should be able to find on this site.

Added a version for practicing CAN. This one works a bit differently. The introduction game can be done like like pair based hot potatoes game or Keyword Game 'Grab the eraser'. The point game is meant to be a writing activity. The teams work at their own pace and whenever they finish a question they bring their answer to be checked by a teacher and then click on a star to get points. The angry gods can be -5 points.

I originally had all these Race and Speak games posted together but it was getting a bit much.

Put the students into groups after doing the demonstration and have them pick their order. Groups can be done as rows or 4 person lunch groups. Whatever works.
Show the student the question and in their group they think of the answer and then send one student to a teacher with the answer. If it is correct they pick one of the characters on the screen and get points. Points generally range from 1 to 4 and -3.
After each team has gotten points or a time limit is reached you reveal the answer. Practice it as a class and move onto the next question. A new group member should come with an answer.

I generally do these games with a tablet connected to the projector. This way both teachers check answers and help students and the kids can tap the screen and manage the points on the board themselves.

at the end is a 1 minute small talk activity. I have the groups break up at this point and the students make pairs and have a short conversation using the key question as a starting point. You and the JT can do a demonstration. If your students aren't accustomed to small talk I'd cut this.

Follow Up Writing
This is done solo generally. I reward stickers for students who can get a certain number of questions done depending on the time available.

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    1. prince4life November 25, 2021

      I honestly like this activities with great graphics. My students really enjoying being bombed by the angry god. LOL

    2. UonumaRobert November 25, 2021

      Thanks. My students always get a laugh seeing Hikoboshi playing video games.

    3. Etas May 23, 2023

      Good work Sir! Please I think the activity that you removed is the most essential. I mean the part that show lot of people doing different activities and actions. E.g what are John and sally doing ? They are swimming, what is Peter doing ? He’s listening to music, etc. please can you repost those activities again ? That activity is really good for warm up. Thanks 🙏

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