Color the Stationery Item

Meant to be used for LT2 Unit 5

  • Students listen to the HRT/ALT
  • "I have a notebook. It's blue!"
  • Students color the corresponding stationery item.

apparently my image of choice for Eraser and Glue is very different to what the students are used to (especially the eraser). The picture for glue is apparently ボンド or super glue here, so feel free to change it!

After the coloring activity, you can play a pointing game with it.
Have the students be in pairs, using just one finished paper.
ALT/HRT says "Blue pencil" and the fastest student in the pair to touch said item wins a point. You can try to mess with it a bit by saying "Blue eraser" when the eraser is actually green.

Submitted by wyxhime September 24, 2021 Estimated time:

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