False Subjects

It's sunny today.

  • Clock and Time Cards (made some changes)

    Students try to find their pair by asking, "What time is it?" and answering, "It's ~~."

  • Fun trivia activity (What's this?)

    A short and fun mini-trivia activity that includes many random things related to Japan as well as funny tricky items that hopefully leave the students laughing. (Blue Sky 1 - Target 4)

  • Lets Try 2 Unit 2 weather and clothes matching

    Worksheet where students put the correct clothes / accessories in the correct weather box.

  • Who`s that pokemon ABC shadow version

    Alphabet Pokémon guessing game.

  • Hanukkah presentation and quiz

    A fun and informative presentation to teach students about Hanukkah!

  • Haunted Links

    Much like the classical Link Rink game, but with a Halloween theme.

  • Daily Diary (daily questions worksheet)

    A short, simple daily questions worksheet that can easily be changed to be effective for all grade levels in ES and JHS.

  • What time is it, Mr. Wolf?

    Call and response game where students move forward the number of steps Mr. Wolf calls out and when Mr. Wolf says dinner time, he chases the students. First student caught becomes Mr. Wolf.

  • Weather Report Battleship

    Practice with days of the week and weather for new/young learners.

  • Weather "Clock" for an English Board

    This printable poster can be laminated and installed on an English board. Use the two "clock hands" to mark two different weather features.

  • Weather Powerpoint Game

    An easy game to practice saying "It's (sunny/cloudy/rainy/snowy/windy/stormy/hot/cold)."

  • Start of class (Aisatsu) cards

    Cards to use for the start of class at elementary school. The Japanese teachers usually have some idea of how to do the start of class aisatsu, but these cards help a lot.

  • Animal Crossing "What's This?"

    3 hint quiz game to reveal animal crossing villagers. For 小3年生!

  • Color the Stationery Item

    Meant to be used for LT2 Unit 5

  • 3 hint quiz (FOOOOOD)

    Warming up, let's get those bellies rumbling.

  • What's this Japanese culture?

    3-hint what's this quiz!

  • Let's Go to Italy - Small Talk

    Simple 'small talk' template to help you and your JTE/HRT in New Horizon 6 Unit 3

  • What is this? What is that? Guess the Sound

    Play random sounds and have students in groups guess what they are.

  • Hi Friends 2! Lesson 6 What Time Do You Get Up

    A board game to practice telling the time and saying parts of their daily routine.

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